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Our Campus

Take a tour of our 7.2 acres open and green campus with fully equipped classrooms, playgrounds, labs, library, AV Room, Stage and more. 



The school offers students, teachers and support staff safe and hassle free transport service. A growing fleet of school buses pick up and drop from locations up to 25 kms from the school campus. 


Large windows, high ceilings and open spaces in classrooms allow our students space to actively participate in the learning process. There is always enough space in the classroom for activities like drama and arts which make learning fun and effective.

krss labs.JPG


The school has large, ventilated and well equipped laboratories per the CBSE guidelines. These are designed with every safety measure in place for the students to perform practicals safely under the supervision of qualified teachers. 


Our library is not a place to read books quietly but a center for literary activities inside the campus. The book collection is well curated and graded as per the reading levels of the students. The fluid seating arrangement allows the students to be comfortable and read at their own pace and speed.


AV Room

Our specially designed AV Room gives students and teachers access to learning resources from across the globe through online workshops, special events, videos screenings and more.  

Play Area

Our junior school has a play area of over 1 acre with seesaws, slides, springy, roundabout, sandpit and more. It keeps our young students active and joyful in the school.


Sports Infrastructure

Playing sports is essential for the physical development of the students. The school offers a sprawling playground for various track and field games and sports like football, cricket, volleyball, kabaddi and more.


The school stage area has been developed and utilized to help our students develop confidence and skills to take the big stage in the world outside. The open air theatre in the central courtyard of the school is where we conduct our daily assembly and all our cultural events. 

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